Valencia after the elections
The party is always right!
The elders maybe still remember this hymn of praise for the SED (East-German Communist party): „The party, the party, is always right!“ But those who think that only the Stalinists think so must be mistaken. Almost all the Spanish parties, right or left, act on this maxim when it comes to languages.

The national and Valencian elections are over and of course there were more important issues than only separatism and language coercion. This blog, however, deals mainly with these issues. That's why we don't express ourselves here for or against any non-extremist party.

From this point of view, it is positive that the separatists in Catalonia have lost almost 400,000 votes. While on 21 December 2017 they still had 2 million votes, they now received only 1.6 million albeit an increased number of voters. [1].

The question of separatism did not play a decisive role in the Valencian elections, despite many supporters of the imperial „paisos catalans“ in the current Valencian government. Their main forces (Compromís and their right-wing allies Bloc Nacionalista Valenciá) have also lost a lot of votes.

Can we now breathe a sigh of relief in the fight against separatism and language coercion? I am afraid, not.

„Another 40 schools will start the next term in Valenciano without Spanish.“ titles Las Provincias on May, 3.

For the first time ever I get an appointment notification from Centro Salud only in Valenciano.

But as the pre-election questionnaire of the parties showed, all non-extremist parties from PP to Podemos had proposals as to what language the citizens and especially the children should use. Some want 40/40 Spanish/Valenciano. Others tell us Valenciano must be promoted at the expense of Spanish.

It is time to make it clear to all parties: Valencia is bilingual, not monolingual Valenciano. And give the parents the right to decide on the language in which their children are taught. We do not need your guardianship!


Myths and deceptions of Catalan nationalism

Peredo Alvaro discovered on his homepage "piratas&emperadores" the myths and impostures of Catalan nationalism.

Here you'll find the translation

The strategy of recatalanization

1980 the Spanish journal "El Periodico" published a secret document about the strategy of the Catalan government. It shows in a frightening way the actual spiritual world of the separatist leaders.

Now it is available in english translation.

the separatist's imperial claim

The Catalan government exports the conflict into communities with Catalan population, supporting all efforts of the separatists including financial means to destroy Spain.
An important tool is the establishment of a language dictatorship that is not afraid to use the same means as Franco.

Separatist indoctrination

In 2017, the teachers' union AMES published a study on school textbooks, as they appeared in Spain and in Catalonia on the same topic. In this study the indoctrination becomes clear, as it describes how Separatists operate. It is now translated into English

Click here to read the study


The title says: "Catalonia, a conflict is exported. Insights of a migrant"
Sorry, up to now, this book is only available in German. However, drop us a line, if you are interested to learn more Contact.